NoSCBS members in no mood to quit!

NoSCBS members agreed unanimously to continue their campaign to save The George this week, despite the threat that the building may soon go on sale on the open market.

Over the past year NoSCBS has run a highly successful campaign to buy The George and run it as a community venture, but we’ve yet to make an offer that is acceptable to the owners, Camphill Village Trust.

At a packed meeting at the Armoury Hall, NoSCBS chair Siobhan Smith told members: β€˜To buy the building at the current asking price, we would need to take out a massive loan which would put our business under a lot of pressure. We are simply not prepared to take that kind of risk.’

But the committee are in no mood to quit. The meeting clearly showed that there is still overwhelming support for buying and running The George as a community business – and as long as the building is still empty and on the market, we’re determined to carry on fundraising to make it happen.

Upcoming events

In the run-up to Christmas, Jazz FM presenter and local promoter David Freeman will be organising two music events at the Armoury Hall in aid of the ongoing George campaign.

On 8 November, Fairport Convention fiddle-player Ric Sanders and guitarist and vocalist Vo Fletcher will be presenting an evening of live music at the Armoury, including material from their latest album Headspace.

On 13 December, Sunjay and his rock and roll band will be returning to Newnham for the third year running for another Holly At Christmas, celebrating the music of rock legend Buddy Holly.

Tickets for both events are now on sale at Newnham Post Office, or if you prefer, you can book online via Eventbrite using the links below. (Please note that tickets bought online cost more as they include the Eventbrite booking fee.)

Ric Sanders and Vo Fletcher:

Holly at Christmas: