We are a community group made up of original members of the local pressure group ReNewnham which was formed following the closure of the George Café (above) to try and bring a bit of life back to Newnham’s High Street. You’ll find details here about who we are, what we are trying to do and how you can support us.

We are currently looking to raise £500,000 to buy The George on behalf of the local community and run it as a café and multi-purpose social hub. The money we are seeking will come partly through a Community Share offer, and partly through grants and loans. If you would like to support us by buying shares, please click here.

Please note: Parts of this site are still under construction. If you need information about any aspect of our plans, please contact Paul Manning (01594) 516259, paulmanning54@gmail.com, or Siobhan Smith (01594) 516287, siobhanimasmith@gmail.com.