The George Campaign

We are currently looking to raise £500,000 to buy The George Café in Newnham and run it as a multi-purpose social hub. The building is owned by Camphill Village Trust (CVT), a nationwide charity with a network of residential communities for adults with special needs, including two, The Grange and Oaklands, on the outskirts of Newnham. When CVT announced that it would be closing the café, we campaigned successfully for it to be registered as an Asset of Community Value and began to explore the possibility of buying it for the local community.

Our plan for The George

We believe that with the right mix of uses, effective marketing and well-chosen staff, The George has the potential to be a highly successful community business.

Our plans are based on a full programme of public consultation including a household survey, two public meetings and extensive individual discussions with local traders, community groups and other bodies both in and outside the village.  They include:

  • An all-day café and bakery
  • Gallery and venue for music and live events
  • A small business hub offering flexible short-term workspaces for small businesses and start-ups
  • A retail space for cards, gifts, newspapers, magazines, stationery and other items 
  • Meeting and function rooms for hire by local groups.

The café, bakery and shop will all be run by paid staff, supported by trainees, young people on work experience and volunteers. An elected Management Committee will appoint staff, manage budgets and ensure that the services we offer meet the needs of Newnham residents and the wider community.

Can you help?

If you would like to support us by volunteering or sharing your skills, please contact the secretary, Paul Manning (01594) 516259,, or our chair Siobhan Smith (01594) 516287, We are particularly glad to hear from people with business or financial experience who may be willing to serve on the Management Committee.

To buy shares in NoSCBS Ltd or to make a donation to our campaign to save the George, please visit our Community Share Offer page.