The current Management Committee is made up of the founder members of the Society. We will continue to hold office until the first Annual Members Meeting when we are required to stand for re-election.

Normally, members of the Committee hold office for three years from the date of election. Members who are co-opted on to the Committee serve for one year only.

The role of the Committee

The Management Committee’s responsibility is to ensure that the Society fulfils its business and community objectives.

Its specific responsibilities include:

  • Ongoing care and maintenance of the building
  • Selecting and appointing staff
  • Managing the Society’s financial affairs
  • Drawing up and managing leases
  • Selecting tenants.

The committee is also required to produce an Annual Report for members, setting out details of the Society’s performance over the past year and its plans for the year ahead, and to report once a year to the FCA, which is the regulatory body for community enterprises. 

Members of the Management Committee are individually and collectively responsible for ensuring that the organisation is efficiently run, solvent and meets all its statutory requirements. If members believe the committee is failing in its duties, they have the right to hold them to account by calling a special general meeting. 

Committee members

The Committee currently consists of the following: