As a result of Coronavirus and other recent developments within the village, we are in the process of revising our business plan. However, our fundamental vision of The George as a lively, welcoming and inclusive space in the heart of the village, has not changed.

In order to be sustainable, The George needs to combine community uses with revenue-earning services . In the longer term, a thriving café serving affordable, locally sourced food will be part of it; we will also aim to provide opportunities for training and employment; function rooms for local groups and businesses; facilities for young people and for the elderly; opportunities for volunteering, and – Covid permitting – a whole range of cultural events and activities for people to enjoy.

Here are some of the ideas we are currently exploring:

  • small business hub, providing flexible workspace for those working from home or starting new businesses;
  • A community bakery selling real, locally-baked bread, and a shared kitchen for take-aways, Tapas Nights and other types of ‘pop-up’ eating; 
  • green shop offering ethical products, locally made gifts and information to help reduce waste and save energy;
  • gallery for local artists and makers to show and sell their work;
  • A safe space where young people can hang out with friends and share IT skills with older people;
  • An information point with a display about the Severn Bore to attract visitors and help them appreciate the local environment;
  • pick-up point for ethical bulk-buying schemes and local networks such as the Food Hub.